Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I exceed my account limits?

Don’t worry if you exceed your account limit you will see a popup that will tell you how to increase your limits. You can upgrade to a better subscription, buy minute-packages, or we also can offer you free credits with our rewarding system.

What language(s) Retexty supports?

Currently we work in English only

What are my payment options?

Please check our Pricing here.

Is there a free plan?

Yes, we can offer you a totally free plan. If you register an account with us, you will automatically benefit from out free subscription. The account registration is of course totally free. So, you can enjoy Retexty without giving us even your card details. We also have a reward program that can give you some extra free credit in our platform.

Can I use the same plan for multiple channels?

Yes. We have no limitations on that.

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